My first post…

Alright, well I’m here and so is my first post on this blog! Why in the world am I creating a personal blog? I need it. I need to be able to write about my random life, express my thoughts on certain things and hopefully encourage others along the way. I am not a perfect wife or mom, but I hope that the trials that I go through can encourage other wives and moms out there in the fact that they are not alone. I am always growing, changing and yes, even taking steps backwards.I might ramble here and there, but hopefully at times it is productive rambling with at least SOME point to it!

I don’t take enough pictures of my kids, but I hope to change that soon. I am incorporating a family photo project into this new blog as well! My goal is to take one new photo(and NOT with my phone!) of each of my kids each week. Along with that, I want a weekly photo of me and my hubby, plus a picture of <gasp!> myself, which rarely happens. I’m usually behind the camera so my kids might look back one day and wonder where the photos of their mom went! I want to remember everything about this time in my life, so my weekly photo posts will help me to document my life and family better! I hope that after one year of doing weekly photos, I can create something timeless from all of the photos. I hope that my kids will have a ton of photos to document their childhood, which I hope that I contribute positively to!

Well, this marks the beginning of this blog, so here goes nothing. : )

3 thoughts on “My first post…”

  1. Excellent idea, Steph!! I know you will have a fun time creating wonderful memories for your family. You are a dear friend and I keep you in my prayers as you do all that you do. 🙂 Jennifer

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