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10 truths a toddler has yet to learn…


10 truths a toddler has yet to learn…

1. Just because the sun is peeking(and I do mean, PEEKING) over the horizon, does not mean that it is time to rise and shine.

2. Mommy doesn’t buy into the dramatic “I caaaannn’tttt doooo it!” act, when you have previously done that specific task for the past 2 months, unassisted and with no problems.

3. Food tastes better when it is IN your mouth. Not on your hands, shirt, or the floor.

4. You really shouldn’t cry over spilled milk. And no, don’t pay attention to the fact that mommy just cried over your spilled milk too…

5. When you reach a certain age(still not sure what age that is…), clothing is not optional anymore.

6. Naptime is GOOD. Really. Just ask mommy.

7. Mommy is a “ma’am”, not a “sir”. Oh, and the woman with the ponytail and baseball cap in the store is also a “ma’am”, not a “sir”, but I do appreciate your attempt at politeness. Good thing she thought you were cute.

8. The answer to your question does not change with each time that you ask. It will always be the same…no matter what. The sky is always blue, the grass green, fish live in water, the moon sleeps during the day, etc.. I appreciate your curiosity though.

9. Your shampoo is TEAR FREE. ’nuff said.

10. Mommy loves you more than you could possibly ever imagine! This is so very true. One day you’ll understand. Until then, I’ll keep telling you, kissing boo-boos, hugging you when you’ve had a bad dream, and oh yeah, I’ll keep telling you how much I LOVE YOU. ❤


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