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Toddler Responsibility Chart…Simple and Fun! (Free Download)

My children often struggle with remembering or being motivated to do certain things throughout the day. These are often basic things, such as brushing teeth, making their bed, getting dressed(yes, this is an issue!), picking up toys, etc.. They are young, and still learning, so this is understandable! I have been planning for awhile to create some basic “responsibility” charts for them to use, so that they have a visual of what is to be done and then they can place a sticker under the corresponding “chore” once it is completed. My kids love stickers, so this is a hit! 🙂

I have created one boy design and one girl design, and each are available at the bottom of this post as a free download. The charts are simple, easy to read and easy to use. They are designed for toddlers and preschool children, with four responsibilities already in place; make bed, brush teeth, get dressed, and clean up toys. There are two extra spaces to put in your own added responsibility if you’d like, or to use as you increase responsibility for older preschoolers. Here is a picture of my kids’ charts:

I glued theirs to colored construction paper. You could laminate(probably what we will do soon!), so that it can be reused week after week, or you can just print a new one each week. As you can see, I have added the responsibility of feeding the cat, onto Madysen’s chart (she really LOVES to feed the cat, so it doesn’t feel like a chore to her yet!). We use star stickers to add as each chore or responsibility is completed. The first three items are completed in the morning, but I usually wait on cleaning up toys until after naptime, otherwise toys will be all over the place again by the afternoon/evening! I’m sure that you other moms can relate! 😉

Here are the download links…Enjoy! 🙂

Girl Responsibility Chart

Boy Responsibility Chart

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