Official First Day! (“Not Back to School” Photo Hop 2012)

This week is our official first week of school! Last week we went on a family vacation to the coast and since it was so adventurous (aka, full of sickness and a hospital visit), I will post more about that later… Although we were all exhausted, the kids were still super excited to begin school! We had not planned to begin until Tuesday, the 21st, but we did a “test run” on Monday since they were begging me to do school! I love that they are so eager to learn. 🙂

Tuesday was our official “first day” though! Before I post the pictures, I must warn you…this momma was tired and yes, even though I am a professional photographer, I pulled out my fancy pants iPhone to snap these few images! I know, I know…shame on me. Oh well! It was close, convenient and, well… it is what it is. 😉 Here are our “official” “not back to school” photos for this year!
Not Back to School Blog Hop



Miss M

And…since I was gone last week and did not make it around to posting pictures of our dining school room…here is a quick one! 🙂

Well, so far, so good! We are still settling into a good routine/schedule for school since I am doing “regular” school with Miss M, preschool with T-Man, and juggling busy 15 month old, Baby L! Next week, I will be posting about what a typical day for us looks like, as well as a quick overview on how everything is going so far. We are having fun and adjusting to this new routine right now!

Steph 🙂

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