I want my kids to want…

I don’t want them to starve from lack of food or things necessary for living. 

I want them to know what it’s like to want something and not get it. It is not healthy to get everything that we want.

I don’t want them to feel entitled. Entitlement breeds laziness and discontent.

I don’t want them to think that they are the best thing since sliced bread. Even though, to this momma, they are.

I want them to hear the word, “no”. Even when people are watching and it is difficult to follow through.

I don’t want them to find security in the sheer number or kind of toys that they have. What if it all went away?

I want them to have humble hearts. Humble hearts are not created by abundance.

I want them to understand how blessed a simple life can be. Less clutter, less distraction from the things that matter.

I want them to find contentment, not in things, but in Jesus. In trusting Him, resting in Him and serving Him.

I want them to experience times that cause them to fall on grace. Because we all need to understand our need for grace.







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