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Waiting for my heart to catch up…

I know what is true.

I know the right things to say.

I know it in my mind.

I’ve tucked truth away in my heart… YET, my heart still lags behind at times.

Recently, I struggled. I was blindsided by something that pretty much knocked my feet out from under me. I knew what I should tell myself. I knew what I would have said to someone else. BUT, my heart took awhile to catch up.

Sometimes we wait. We wait in expectation, knowing the truth, but waiting for our hearts to catch up.

In our hearts sit swirling, ever-changing emotions and fragile feelings. Our minds, on the other hand, tend to lean more toward logic, reminding us of what we know to be true… and the battle rages. We know, yet we feel. Sometimes there is an all out war, and at times it is more of a subtle disagreement. Either way, our mind has to meet with our heart and if we are not careful, both will be compromised. We have to give both to Jesus.

Yes, Jesus. The very One who created me. He knows me, yet He loves me.

Even when it is hard and I’m waiting for my heart to catch up. Even then. I must choose Jesus.

For He is the only one who can blanket the battle in peace.

Yes, Jesus. The Prince of Peace.

In our time of waiting, in our time of feeling, we choose Truth. While waiting for our hearts to catch up, we let ourselves feel, even when it hurts, but we still choose Truth. In the middle of the storm, we feel the boat rocking and the rain beating down, but we keep our eyes on the lighthouse. For there, is our safety and our refuge. Our light. Our Jesus.

Lighthouse, Dorset, England

He beckons us, even when we are far off. He calls us to Him, that we may rest in Him. He extends His hands to remove our burdens, so we may lay at His feet, uninhibited.

What beautiful love.

While waiting for our hearts to catch up, we can rest in His love. His Truth. His Peace.

In the midst of the battle, we can rest.

I think it is okay for us be at odds with what we feel vs. what we know. We all face storms at times, and we eventually make it to shore, no matter how difficult the journey. We are safe. We know. We will sail back out on the water, facing waves of unimaginable heights once more. We will remember the storms we faced and survived before, but we will still fear the storm we face in the moment. We know, yet we feel. It’s okay. Soon, we will feel the warmth of the sun, see the blue of the sky, and set our feet back on solid ground. We know, yet we feel, and it’s okay. Only because of Jesus, can we rest while we wait for our tattered boat to reach the shore.

I don’t know where you are right now. Perhaps, you are soaking up some rays on the beautiful beach of life, not a cloud in the sky. Perhaps, you feel like you are drowning in a tumultuous storm, waves crashing all around. Wherever you are…choose Jesus. You can feel, but still know. Know and trust Jesus. In the midst of the storm, we can keep our eyes on the never changing light, that is seen from any distance. The light of our Jesus, the only One who can calm the storm, and at times chooses to only calm our hearts, while the storm rages on. Even when the shore, seems a long way off, the truth is, it is never far at all. The light is much closer than you think.

Oh, and crank up this song! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Waiting for my heart to catch up…”

  1. Thanks Steph, just got around to reading this. Going thru some turbulence myself and that battle is raging. This message calmed my spirit. Bless you.

    1. Becky – I am just now getting around to logging into my blog after quite some time! Thank you for reading and commenting! Praying for you!

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