Monday, Monday: Mom’s the Word

*If I had a dollar for every time I heard the word “mom” today…I’m pretty sure super confident that I would be rolling around in a giant pile of bills, devising wonderful ways to spend my millions of dollars.

*What’s more, is that when I decided to go get the car washed, by myself, apparently I had not spent nearly enough time with the (homeschooled!) child that was the repeat “Mom” offender, so said child grasped my legs, hugged me, used the ‘m’ word again, repeatedly, and begged to join me. Obviously.

*I still went. Alone.

*Same child continued to have meltdowns all evening. Bedtime was a beautiful thing. Bless it.

*I adore my kiddos. Please don’t misunderstand.

*Apparently, I need to buy groceries. Not much dinner is made from ground beef and sweet potatoes.

*I’ve made it one whole day, grain and sugar-free. I won’t bore you, but I need to do this more than just today. One day is a huge leap in the progress department, though. Food is my Kryptonite. BREAD is life.

*I’m still reeling from the fact that last night, the breath was nearly knocked clean out of my chest, when my oldest decided to ask awkward questions, point-blank, just before bedtime. Fun times. I thought I was prepared. I wasn’t. I don’t think she observed my weakness, though. Thankfully. I peeled myself off of the floor with as much grace as I could muster, and applied the “fake it ’til you make it” mentality. Luckily, I had this book on hand and put it to good use, along with this one, put out by American Girl, which we actually have never purchased a single other item from, because my husband would undoubtedly keel over with one look at the price tag. Since I utterly and completely love my husband, I’ve decided to do my part in helping him to not keel over anytime soon. But I digress. Awkward conversations were had. Questions were asked. Questions were mostly answered. We survived. End of story.

*I had lunch in the school cafeteria today. Not my cup of tea, but it was worth it. 4th grade is a hot mess. Apparently there are crushes and cute boys. *sigh*

*Today, I chatted with one of my dear friends about plans. About how I love to plan my life. About how God is moving me, wrecking my heart and drawing me out of my comfort zone.  About how He is basically, in the most gracious way possible, rearranging my plans and stirring conviction. About how its okay. About how in the midst of my own heart being rearranged, I stumbled across Falling Free, by Shannan Martin (this book was the first I had heard of her, but now I stalk her blog). I devoured it. Go read it.

*Politics. I. Can’t. Even.

*In case you were wondering, beware of haphazardly clicking related videos on YouTube. It starts off innocently enough. You curiously click an intriguing link. One click here, another there, and before you know it, the Matrix is real, and our world is ending in 27 1/2 days, but not before an alien race, led by the government, takes over the planet. I know nothing of this, personally, but I’ve heard things…beware of clicking through the rabbit hole.

Monday. It’s nearing an end, but it will come back around quickly. Have an incredible week!









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